Spin class peep show!

Another year has officially begun at the gym!  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love to see all the new faces at the gym.   People are rearin’ to get on with their new year’s resolutions.  They were in FULL force today at my gym!  So much in fact, that I had to drive around the parking lot to still end up with a crappy spot!  I know, I know…poor fitness instructor had to walk!  Ha.  I know.  I had Miles with me and he is too heavy to carry and it was cold!  🙂  Needless to say, my spin class at 10 am was PACKED and had people waiting to get in. Oh yes, well I know I am not that popular but it is a New Year so I better enjoy it while it lasts!  😉  .  Today’s class was interval style.  We did 7.5 minute long interval with a 1.5 minute recovery.  I tacked on a sprint at the end of each of the intervals.  I think it went over well.

New Logo!

Today was also the first day that we had to wear our new YMCA staff shirts with the new “Y” logo.  There was only 1 problem.  The wicking shirt is white.  Very crisp white and see though once it gets wet.  Yeah.  Free peep-show at the Y today.   Not a good choice of colors if ya ask me.  My female class participants are sure it was a males idea to issue a white shirt! 😉

Today was also the first class of the year for Totally Toned.  I had 1 participant show up!  Ha!  I think the rest are still celebrating??  That must be it. 

Amara seemed to have a good day at school today.  She got to wear her outfit so I figured as much! 

THE outfit.

 When I was waiting in the pick-up-line to pick her up at school, her teacher wanted to talk to me.  I rolled the window down to listen.  She told me that in school today each child was to tell about a gift they received from Christmas.  Amara told the class ” I got a furnace for Christmas!  It was not my favorite gift, but I know we needed it and besides; we were toasty warm so that’s a good thing.”   Sigh….when did she get so SMART!??!  She never ceases to amaze me!  Her teacher was very impressed with that answer too I guess!

Miles did not seem to miss Amara at all today.  We were so busy he never even asked about her…just as I suspected!

On tap for tomorrow: Run? Elliptical?  Teach class at 4:15 ( this is the only thing written in stone!) 🙂

On tap for tonight: The Bachelor!  Yessss….I love/hate that show–and I can’t wait!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Spin class peep show!

  1. Okay…crazy, but we just had our furnace replaced a week and a half before Christmas…sucked! Who wants to drop that money at Christmas? She is too funny, Marcia. That student was lucky to have a one on one instruction today with you. LOL

    • What is up with furnaces?!?! Ugh! It’s never a good thing to have one blow up, but especially not around Christmas!
      I don’t think she saw it that way…she was ready to leave when she realized nobody else was coming!! 😉

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