Cleanse Day 1

My main purpose of doing the cleanse is to detox.  Any weight loss that might happen is just a bonus in my eyes!  The cleanse consists of: Probiotic/Fiber Drink/Omega fatty acids and herbal cleanse tablets.  Not too bad.  The actual fiber drink actual tastes good ( I think so anyway!)

The dietary suggestions are:Veggies, fruits, healthy fats, clean proteins and complex carbs.  This is how I eat normally ( well, 78% of the time! 🙂  )

Things to avoid or eliminate:  fried goods, refined sugars, corn ow white starches and bread, dairy, alcohol and coffee and soda.

My biggest LOVE is refined sugar.  I am an addict.  Hi, nice to meet you.  It only takes me a full of day of being 100% ON to feel the difference. I can’t wait.  It usually starts with feeling less bloated and heavy.  2 Very good things for me to feel!

Starting Weight:? Oops I forgot to get on the scale…. it’s been at least 3 months anyway.  Maybe tomorrow!  Maybe not….. 😉

What I ate today:

Spark ( energy drink mixed with water)…30 minutes later I had the Advocare fiber drink mixed with unsweetened almond milk.  2 additional glasses of water

30 minutes after that I had 1/2 an orange and 1/2 a grapefruit ( kids leftovers).

Spin class instruction- lots of water

bowl of oatmeal made with water and eaten in record speed before my next class.

Totally Toned instruction- lots of water

lunch was 90 calorie bread rounds with hummus spread and ground venison and spinach on top.  I also had a side of green beans.  Herbal tea.

snack a few hours later was a handful of almonds ( almost 1 oz. I estimate) and 1 apple. Water and more tea!

dinner was chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli and sautéed bell peppers and salsa.

my last snack will be some kind of fruit.

All in all a good day!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Cleanse Day 1

    • Sugar tastes so good though!!! 🙂 I was out of control with it during both pregnancies too, and it was hard to kick once I could not use pregnacy as an “excuse” anymore!

  1. No sugar? I failed already..having a coke with my lunch 😉 lol

    I have a RAGING sweet tooth that will never go away & honestly since I can keep it to a minimum amount to satisfy (most days,) I don’t worry about it. Is that wrong???????

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