Goals ( I need some), a day off and my new schedule.

I feel as if I am supposed to be posting my New Year’s Resolutions or goals! I won’t yet, because I have not really made any. Or maybe I have, but am tentative to share- that means I actually have to strive to meet them right?!?! If my business is all out on the street and stuff…. 😉

I need more time to figure those out.  Most of my goals are kind of the same every year anyway.  I don’t always meet them, but I try! 

Today I took a day off.  It was unplanned, but sometimes that happens and that’s OK.  My hips were are pretty sore from my workout yesterday!  I guess trying to look like Brooke Burke is paying off. I think I am actually starting to look like her already…..  I wanted to ring in the new year with a nice long run.  I think it was a good thing it did not happen. It was super cold and besides that it was super windy!  Those two things do not mix well together if you ask me.  My household was very tired too.  We all stayed up until past midnight last night ( I have no idea how Miles made it…really.  He seemed WIDE awake the whole night).  We went a few doors down to the neighbor’s house for food and games.  It was a lot of fun!  We played Wii for a few hours and I am sure Chrissy and I dominated most of the time.  The guys held their own in wake boarding, but bowling is where it’s at! 🙂  Good, clean fun to ring in the New Year!  Both kids slept in until almost 9 am.  Nice. 

The rest of the day consisted of us lounging around for hours.  We ventured out into the crazy wind just to get some fresh air and to get out of the house.  We took a quick trip to D & W for a few items.  I ended up buying a bit more that I planned ( as usual), but they had Christmas stuff on super sale!  I bought cookie cutters, cashew brittle ( it’s all gone already), and Christmas tree shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. All necessary Christmas items! 

I bought some almond milk, oatmeal and tea too!  I am buying stuff for the 10 day cleanse Matt and I are about to partake in ( starts Monday).  Milk and cheese are a no go, but almond milk can be used in the cleanse concoction.  One more day of pretending as if calories and fat don’t really matter……  I won’t miss it either!  Well, maybe a tiny bit!

Monday also has Amara headed back to school.  Just when I get used to having her with me all day; it’s time to go back!  😦  Monday also means I have to go back to my other gig.  The corporation I teach group exercise at takes the last 2 weeks of December off ( from me), and their 8 week session begins Monday.  I am not on the schedule to teach the Monday noon class, but my instructor will be out of town- so I will be teaching Totally Toned this Monday and Wednesday and Cardio Sculpt on Tuesday.  My crazy YMCA schedule is due to begin on the 8th.  I am actually looking forward to the chaos that is my life…….Bring it!

I have another “side job”, which I plan on incorporating into my goals for 2011.  I write articles for www.examiner.com.  I am the Grand Rapids Women’s Fitness Examiner.  If you want ( pleeease!) subscribe to my articles and comment on them too….it’s how I get paid ( just being honest!)  I would like to write at least 3 articles a week, but need to set aside time for this and the 800 other things I have going on at any given second!  😉   I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I better go…Amara is still awake.  I wonder if she wants to yell Happy New Year again since it is almost midnight…….  🙂


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