First run of 2011!



I slept in today.  It’s too bad I still felt like I got hit by a truck!  That usually means one of two things.  1. Either I am pregnant or 2.  I’m not, if you know what I mean….  😉  And, I am not!  It hit me so hard today.  I wanted to go back to bed as soon as I got out of bed and it was after 9 am ( thanks Matt!)
I had to force myself to run today.  I always feel better after I get out there and get going.  To be honest, the run felt awful.  I have not said that in a while, so I guess that’s a good thing!  It was SUPER cold  and most of the run was in the wind.  And of course I left my super-duper ski gloves and hand warmers at home on the kitchen counter  Lovely.  My hands do not do so well when the temp. gets below 40 degrees.  My running buddy Andi had to talk most of the time because I couldn’t! And, thankfully she let me borrow her gloves because her hands had steam coming off of them.  Lucky.   Here are all the stats for the 6 mile jaunt- HERE.
Mile 1- 10:05~ Ugh.  The wind was all up in my lungs! 
Mile 2-10:09~ see Mile 1! 🙂
Mile 3-9:53~ Mile 2.5 we took a different way and the wind was blocked somewhat by the trees.  Yes!
Mile 4-9:48~ I think I was excited to be almost done….
Mile 5-9:50~ See Mile 4.
Mile 6-9:34~ Done!
 My average heart rate was 148 which would be considered in my recovery zone 1.  It felt like more than a recovery run to me today, but I guess it just wasn’t my day!
So my pace was not too far off from my usual these days, but it sure felt like it!  I felt awesome at the end and was so glad that I scrapped myself off the couch to do it.  Afterwards we stretched.  I meant to do a few planks, but I forgot.  I did do some legs swings/sweeps for some core work but nothing major.
I got home and ate dinner right away, had a Biggby Mint Mocha (Mint Mocha… no caffeine from coffee starts tomorrow. 😦  ), and rounded out the night with a nice relaxing kid-free trip to the grocery store!  I loaded up on veggies and proteins mostly.  I start the cleanse tomorrow ( as if you forgot or something).  Amara goes back to school tomorrow.  She is going to be TIRED!  I hope she makes it.  I let her pick out her entire outfit for tomorrow in hopes that it will help her have a good start to her first week back at school.  She claims that “everyone says I should be a fashion designer when I get bigger.”  I was impresses actually- everything matched! 🙂  I think Miles will miss her.  He does not really understand the whole concept of “vacation” from school yet!  Luckily we will be at the gym in the morning and after that his uncle will come over to watch him while I work.  Soon after that it will be time to get Amara from school, he might not have time to miss her too much!
 On tap for tomorrow:  Spin instruction, Totally Toned instruction.

Amara on her way to a "Dance Party" She wanted to look FUNKY.



5 thoughts on “First run of 2011!

  1. Sounds like a great run. I’m interested to see how I like running when I really give it a shot. It has always scared me before. I never disliked it, but it wasn’t my strong point so I avoided it.

    And she is so BIG!!!! I can’t believe how “mature” she is looking.

    • Don’t be scared! I was never a long distance runner until after I had Amara. I found running with people is what works best for me!

      Amara is too old!!! 😦 It’s fun though- hard to take at times. 🙂

  2. Congrats on getting out there and running even when you didn’t feel like it! It’s so hard sometimes, but you always feel better aftwerwards. Your daughter is beautiful!

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