Wednesday and Thursday – spin, run, eat, repeat!

Wednesday~ Spin at 10am.  Intervals today!  I liked the theme of Monday’s race day, but decided today to do a 6 minute loops.  After a 6 minute warm up the pattern was basically: climb, standing run, climb, run/ and or recover.  Every move was either 1 or 2 minutes long with the recovery always being 1 minute in length.  The climbs were short so I was sure to make the class put some power behind them.  I thought it was quite difficult myself!  We did 5 loops n all and added on something special at the end.  2 minutes of sprints.  I varied the length….I think we were able to do 3 sprints in all.  I was all done after class!  One thing I forgot was I was going to do my metabolic treadmill test on Thursday.  I was not supposed to push myself at all in class or even teach it!  Uh oh!  I think my heart rate averaged 150.  That’s not quite resting. Well I figured I should be OK for the test because technically I would be rested for about 22.75 hours before my testing was to happen.  Sounds about right! :)Well, unfortunately, Ryan called to say the test was cancelled.  😦  He caught the cooties that are going around- the same thing Matt had.  There is no way I wanted him to come to work in that condition.  Hopefully, we can reschedule before I get sick ( we all know it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when!)  I was kind of bummend that I was not able to go to hot yoga though.  I was told not to do that due to all the sweating before the testing.  Boooo! 


Thursday~  Today I met Andi for a little run.  The weather was in the upper 30’s and it was drizzling.  It looked ( besides a few ice pathches) as if it was spring.  Oh, how I wish……I really did not feel like running today and would have been happy with 4 miles if that many!  I got there late ( which I HATE), and when I got there she was not ready for another 10-15 minutes anyway.  Ha.  No big deal.  We were finally on our way and finally took a different route.  The only bad thing about this route is that it is in the city so we had to stop a lot at the traffic lights( well, now that I think of it, it was not such a bad thing after all.) The worst part of the run was Fulton St. Hill. It’s long and steep.  I don’t know how long exactly, but it really slowed our pace down.  Like to a 10:16 mile.  The good thing is that it was in the beginning…which meant that on the way back it would be a nice long down hill! 🙂
Mile 1:  9:53– felt ok.  It was not windy today!

Mile 2:  10:16 – The evil hill.  It was brutal.  We ceased most of the talking here.

Mile 3:  9:42- Back to level ground.  We also stopped to go inside a bike store and drool over all the sweet bikes!  Probably should have not gone in..they had some beauties!;)

Mile 4: 9:40-Feeling pretty good here.  Oh, it must be the downhill

Mile 5:  9:26-  The YMCA was just around the corner…..looking forward to being DONE!

Mile 6:  4:42 (.51 of a mile).Done!  

This would count as negative splits if I swapped Mile 1 and 2 ( darn hill)  🙂

I am glad I ran, but I am also glad to be done.  After the run we actually stretched.  Waaay overdue too!  After that, the kids and I went to the indoor track and ran 3 laps.  Miles ran the entire laps!  It’s a small track, but still. His crazy little legs were all over the place and he was moving!  Amara is an old pro on that track. Miles tried hard to catch her and he did once.  It was fun.  Tonight I think we are all going out to eat at Uccello’s.  (website editing/images courtesy of my hubby!) Will I get a big old burger or pizza or pasta??  Or something else….it will be a last hooray of sorts before the 2011 resolutions begin.  I don’t make resolutions, but I also don’t worry ( well too much!) about all the garbage I shovel down during the holiday’s.  I thouroughly enjoy all the grease and grime!  I am already sick of it ( almost….) but won’t be completely done until Jan. 2.  No need to kid myself!  I like to start things fresh on a Monday.  Matt and I will be doing a 10 day cleanse starting on the 3rd. It will be his 3rd time I think and my 5th.  Every 90 days I like to do it and get back on track.  I am actually looking forward to it. I really am.  I will update how it is going and it always goes fine. I am not stuck on the commode for hours a day so that’s a plus already!  😉


Advocare Cleanse- Time to DETOX!


After dinner today we will head on over to the Fifth Third Ball Park to check out the Christmas Night Lights.  Better late than never…..we always go on the day or 2 before the light show is done.  Less people and the attendant always lets us go twice! 😉
On tap for tomorrow:  Spin, a little extra cardio, weights and stretching! ohh…I might do a 4 mile race at 3:30 pm…that is if the thunder and lighteining hold off!!  WTH– it’s December!!!
* I am an advocare distributor on the side!  I use the sports nutrition products becuase I love them!  If you want to browse around my site– go ahead. Ask questions too.  I don’t mind!


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