Tuesday (again).

I just realized yesterday’s blog post was labeled Tuesday.  Not sure what I was thinking.  I was all confused, with the kids being gone I guess. ( they are back! 🙂  )

Well..since today really is Tuesday I will share what I did!   My friends and I braved the cold and wind this morning for a nice brisk run!  I think the windchill was 11 or something crazy like that.  It. was. cold.   I thought for sure I would either a) cut the run short or b) tell my friends to go on ahead and I would catch up with them later.  I did neither.  I just sucked it up and ran.  We did 6 miles today. 

I had my first negative split run in a long time. 

Mile 1:  9:58— I usually struggle when I first start.  I was acclimating to the weather and regulating my crazy breathing.

Mile 2:  9:48— I felt OK, but I could tell we sped up, even though it was only by 10 seconds.

Mile 3:  9:53— there was a slight incline around mile 2.5 that made me want to stop!  I do this run every weekend, but it seemed harder today.

Mile 4:  9:20— We started t pick up the pace noticeable.  Mary had to be back at the Y to teach her class at 10 am!  We had to hurry! 

Mile 5:  9:20— We kept the pace and kept pushing and talking.  I think the talking helps.

Mile 6:  8:47— It was my idea to get under a 9 minute mile.  It felt good too!  🙂

I went away from my Zone 2 training today ( 155-161 for running– I think!) My average heart rate today was 163.  It was not too far off, but I know better!  But, it felt good ( even for my mental state) to run faster and not have some kind of breathing problem!  Sometimes I think it’s all in my  head and I need to push myself and just get over it. 

After the run I hopped on the elliptical for about 20 minutes at a very low effort; kind of a cool down after the run.  After that I did some plans and hip circles for core and a short stretching session.  I ate some food and then read more of my book.  The Long Run by Matt Long.  It’s a really great inspiring true story.  Here’s a statement from a book list on Amazon.com:  So firefighter Long decided to ride his bicycle to work. A charter bus, making an illegal turn, collided with him, pulling him under the bus and inflicting injuries that nearly killed him on the spot. He survived, and made a slow and extremely painful recovery.  I was sucked into it immediately and I almost forgot I was at work waiting to teach a spin class!  So I had to stop my pleasure reading and get to work!  I subbed the noon class today.  I recycled an old class with new music and made it fresh again.  It was a tough class that included some long climbs ( 8 minutes) sprints 5 minutes ( 10 second sprints with 50 second recovery) and some long flats ( 3-5 minutes).  It was a great lunch time crowd with some familiar faces and some new ones.  I think I gave them a good workout.  I know that I got one! 😉

That concludes my crazy cardio day. I am tired!   The kids arrived home at 3 pm today.  It was good to see them.   They are both tired and cranky though.  I try to be sympathetic to that.  I know it’s not easy to sleep in a strange bed and be off your normal schedule.  But miles is in rare form.  He looks so tired.  😦  He is being naughty and even got his Moon Sand kit taken away and it was banished to the shelf in the closet. ( Oh yes, I am a mean one!!!)  I am sure he will get it back tomorrow or the next day.  It might even be forgotten with the many fun toys he received from Christmas.  Amara is tired as well, but knows how to keep it in check.  Well, she knows that when her brother is acting al crazy she can get extra points by behaving! 😉  She had a birthday party at a gymnastics studio to attend at 4.  She had a great time and would love to be a gymnast now.  Ha!  Both kids are finally in bed and I hope they sleep past 7 Am.  That would be awesome.   I am so glad to have them home.  Back to reality!  🙂

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin instruction.  Hot yoga?


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