Possibly my longest post EVER.

Get comfy…………

Christmas was a lot of fun!  The kids loved their Christmas #2 at the in-laws!  All the cousins were together ( 4 all together). 



 Saturday~Matt caught the stomach bug going around.  It was about 3 am or so when it all started.  I will spare you the details, but let just say it was not good.  He was still sick around 9 am when the presents were being opened.  This was not a usual Christmas morning w/ him MIA, but I am glad he stayed behind closed doors.  Just sayin’.  🙂  So far all of the rest of the people in the house ( there were 13 more…) have avoided the sickies ( knocking LOUDLY on wood right now).  So far so good.  I had good intentions of working out on the elliptical.  Really, I did.  But I was tired.  That’s all I will say on that. Ha ha!  Maybe too many cookies and too many glasses of wine??  Probably.  It was worth it though. I also had fun putting my sis in law through a workout!  Tough intervals on the elliptical with a weight circuit.  She was not loving it, but she finished it and got her workout it!  Yay Lisa! 🙂  

  Matt was apparently well enough to hold a tradition with his brothers ( well, it’s the 2nd year, but still…  😉 )  he as able to go fishing with them on Christmas afternoon. As Saturday went on I thought I might still find my way to the elliptical, but the cookie table is in the basement right next to the elliptical. Who does that? Instead, I played with the kids. It was Christmas, so why not!  😉 They had a lot of fun….. playing, dancing, singing, and everything in between.
Sunday~We spent most of the morning packing up our things.  Matt’s parents are keeping the kids until Tuesday afternoon.  Nice.  After Matt and I arrived home and sat on the couch for about 8 minutes; he headed to work, and I headed out for a run. It was MUCH needed.   I felt like a sloth. Too much Christmas! The run was fun. I ran just under 7 miles with my buddy Andi. I have bad allergies whenever I visit my in-laws.  I am not exactly sure from what, because up until 2 years ago, I was allergy- free while visiting.   Anyway, I could still feel the effects of constricted airways while running but I pushed it aside and kept going because I NEEDED to MOVE! HERE is my route and stats from the run… This was actually one of my faster longish runs in a while. Not fast, but I am still trying to train in my Zone 2. Which I will know for sure on Thursday!!  My trainer Ryan did ell me that bumping up my running Zone 2 heart rate 10 beats from my cycling should get me pretty close to my Zone 2 numbers for running.  ( still awake?? ) My cycle Zone 2 is 145-151…..and my avg HR for my longer runs have been around 157-159. Close enough! I do miss trying to push myself during my runs, but I won’t complain, I can run fast soon enough! After my workout and Matt’s work; we headed out to dinner.  No kids!! We went to Twisted Rooster.  Finally!  I have been wanting to go for some time now. While my Stuffed Turkey Burger was good, I wanted it to be delicious!   Now, the calamari was interesting and Matt’s fish taco’s? They were delicious!! I do want to go back and try something else and get dessert! Once home, Matt and I watched a movie called The Town. I have always liked Ben Affleck in most of his movies. I did in this one too.  He ages well if you know what I mean………..

Future gymnast?? OUCH!



Lisa- getting ready to LUNGE!!!

Sick?? I'm not so sure..... Nice fish!



Cousins- Sophie(1), Miles (3), Lizzie (3), Amara (6)

      Thanks for reading this loong post!!  Do you have any holiday traditions? I don’t yet, but my sister – in -laws are hoping to start one next year!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Possibly my longest post EVER.

  1. i have a big crush on that photo of matt. I think it’s an awesome hubby photo that captures the essence of your man. 🙂

    hope no one else gets sick. i keep hearing about this bug. it’s on this side of the state too. i don’t want it here!

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