Fast holiday update…….

Friday-cookies, wine, chips and dips…..turkey, salad, mashed taters, wine, cookies. 


Saturday-  cookies, wine, cookies, chips and dips, cookies while I put my sis-in-law through a workout ( pictures later).  Cookies and key lime pie, wine. ham, and lots of sides.  In no particular order…..   😉

Sunday- breakfast as pancakes ( chocolate chip, blueberry and squash) sausage and bacon.  A few more cookies and an almost 7 mile run!  Finally.  I am a walking sugar coma.  Tis’ the season!  🙂

More updates tomorrow….. time for bed!

Don’t forget the giveaway it ends Tuesday!

Christmas Eve at grandma and grandpa's/



4 thoughts on “Fast holiday update…….

  1. Sounds familiar! haha Except I had beer instead of wine this time.

    Tried to be good yesterday but the ice cream called my name after dinner.

    It’s the holiday’s right? lol Now I’m in detox until NYE! 🙂

      • Well, I’m *trying* to behave but didn’t stress when the last of the Smores Munch (chocolate covered pretzels with marshmallows & graham cracker bits) fell into my mouth last night! haha

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