My last 90 -minute spin for 2010!

It was my last 90 minute spin class of the year.  If all goes as planned…I will be teaching 2.5 ( 1 is every other week)90 minute spin’s in January!  Ahhhh!  My schedule is going to be craaaazy.  I am ready though. I think I will feel recharged with a week off of my normal routine.  I hope so anyway. Tonight’s class was pretty fun.  I had the class in Zone 3 ( Lactic Acid Threshold/Tempo training) most of the time.  We flirted with Zone 4 ( Interval training high intensity heart rates).  We were in Zone 4 for about 5 minutes total if even that long.  It was not all at once either; maybe in 30 second to 45 second intervals.  The class was fine with that…it’s hard!   They were a great group of people and many of them will be back in Jan. for another round! 🙂  I need to brush up on my play lists for the new year.  It’s fun selecting music but VERY time-consuming! 

My day before Spin ( 7:15 pm) was a blur. I meant to give the kids a bath and wash Amara’s hair ( it takes hours to completely dry….) I totally spaced on that too.  Ooops.  Stinky kids.  Not really, but I wanted them extra fresh for the trip to the in-laws!  😉  I also meant to get started on the dish I am making for Christmas dinner.  Sweet Potato fluff.  It’s really good and my mom in law requests that I make it every year.  I like to get a head start on it at home, but again, I totally spaced on that task somehow. 

Well, this might be my last post until Sunday.  My in-laws have a very slow internet connection and I am sure I will be super busy anyway!  Happy Holiday’s! 

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin, elliptical and circuit training.  🙂


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