Baking, Christmas round 1 and Hot Yoga!

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I am not sure if I should get the Bad Mommy award or not?? Amara received a Girl Gourmet last year from santa. It was my bright idea. She asked for it and my neighbor found it on super sale at Target ( thanks a heap Chrissy! 😉 ). We made one cake last year– the day after Christmas. Well I can’t count how many times Amara has asked “can we make a cake today?” I always found some excuse. 😦 My main reason for not wanting to make another cake is because it takes sooo long and the cake it about 2 inches tall. They expect you to decorate this minuscule thing with actual fondant and icing!) Well, I felt I had to “man- up” and at least help her make a cake before it was exactly a year since we made the last one! Long story short. It still took a long time. The cake was still tiny. The fondant messed up and was runny. The cake was lopsided. It took a long time. All all these negative cake baking things aside… Amara had a blast! I let her do most of the work too. I did the microwaving ( all 30 seconds of it) and a bit of the stirring, but the girl was on a roll! We both agreed that the makers of Girl Gourmet want kids to think it’s easier than it actually is ( ditto for the makers of that horrid toy Chixos too…ugh). SO she knew her cake would not look as fab as the ones ( cartoons by the way on the instruction sheet). She was proud of herself for not throwing in the towel with the runny fondant incident too. We stirred and stirred and added more powdered sugar then necessary, but it paid off in the end! I wonder if Easy Bake Oven is any better than this hunk of junk??

Santa came to our house last night.  We normally would have waited to open gifts on Friday, but Tis’ the season!  PEople are busy and today worked out best for everyone’s schedule.  The kids did not seem to mind one bit!  Lots o’ toys!!  Miles got drums.  I hope we don’t regret it.  He loves them so probably not! 🙂  I got a Snuggie from my brother.  He is crazy.  I love it! 

Yay for Pillow Pets!


I made it to Hot Yoga tonight!  I sat next to the class clown too.  She’s lucky she’s my friend. I just kept telling her to “Shhh!”  It was the class with

  the music.  Great class and great playlist.  Tonight we shook our asana’s too some Vogue by Madonna and Feel the Vibrations.  I love you Marky mark.  You too, Funky Bunch! 😉


How many Christmases do you celebrate??  We have 2!

What toy gets on your nerves?

 I totally slacked on weights this week.  I figure I can get it in Friday morning and Sunday.  Sounds good to me!

On tap for tomorrow:  Long spin.  


2 thoughts on “Baking, Christmas round 1 and Hot Yoga!

  1. LOL at your baking experience. We have the cupcake girl gourmet and yes, it is hard too. The icing does not come out like the photos show. Lauren was a littl disappointed. We also have Easy Bake oven. I like that one a lot more. 🙂 It is easier for the kids, though Lauren needs a little help (she is 8). We celebrats many Christmases. One with my mom (last weekend). One with Dave’s parents. Our Christmas morning. Then we have a party wtih Dave’s family with a gift game and the girls have a gift exchange with other cousins. So…..4!

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