A video message from Santa and HIT Spin!!

Just wondering if last-minute Christmas shopping counts as cardio???  If yes, then I got it in yesterday!!   I totally ran out of time to get anything else done except what was necessary.  I usually see a workout as necessary, but whatever.  Not yesterday.  I guess the bike test will have to count as a workout??  Good enough 😉  .   I think I am done getting presents.  I sure hope so.  It’s a lot of fun getting stuff though and for some reason the crazy crowds don’t bug me as much as they should!  After wrapping the gifts last night I hopped online and found this incredible site ( Thanks Alison!!)  The Portable North pole   I did not get to bed until after 1am making a video message for the kids. They only took about 10 minutes each to make.  The kids loved it.  Santa Claus gives each child ( or whomever) a personal message.  He says their name a few times, has pictures of them and knows personal information!  The kids were very entertained with their videos!  Miles’ message and Amara’s message.  I highly recommend this!  Very cute Today’s Spin was an intense strength interval.  High resistance in 3 minute segments with accelerations.  Whew!  I caught ( heard) myself breathing in the microphone.  I am usually good about moving it aside so the class does not have to listen to that!  Ooops! 

I am all signed up for hot yoga tonight too!  I really hope to get my circuit training in todayas well.  I have been on a roll and would hate to mess up now! 

2008 Christmas........

On tap for tomorrow: Long Spin at 7:15 pm


4 thoughts on “A video message from Santa and HIT Spin!!

  1. You are welcome, Marcia. Glad they liked it. Thanks for a great workout and I never heard you breathing into the mic for what it is worth! 🙂

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