4th time IS a charm!

I had my 4th metabolic bike test done today.  The results are in:  I done good!  Whew.  I was hoping to be done with this for  bit so that I could work on improving my weaknesses on the bike.  My aerobic base improved immensely so that is great.  My fat burning capabilities and fuel utilization and endurance are coming along quite nicely.  I just need to pass on the cookies and treats a bit better and then perhaps my body will 

Getting in the ZONE!


show the results!??!   Maybe.  It can wait until January though!  😉  I need to work on my anaerobic bas.  My trainer Ryan says I get fatigued really quickly when my heart rate reaches 157.  Crap!  So he suggests that during some of my spin classes I get my heart rate in my zone 4 ( 157-160) and beyond for at least 10 minutes straight.  I can will do this 1-2 times a week.  Can’t wait.  I think I might try tomorrow!  🙂  Doing so will improve my sports performance.  Nuff said!  So today’s experience was a positive one indeed. ( besides that annoying mask; it takes some getting used to. The kids love it though.) I get to do the treadmill test next Thursday!  I can’t wait. On tap for the rest of the day:  I have no idea.  Yoga? Spin? Run? Bake/devour cookies?  The options are endless…..

He asked to wear it, I swear!

Me too, Me too, I want a turn!



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