Long run accomplished!

I ran!  It was cold, snowing and icy.  It did not stop me today.  I think my long (erish) runs go better when I have company.  I ran with two of my friends from the gym ( also instructors).  We did not talk about pace or miles.  We all agreed we wanted to run longer ( time wise) than we did 2 weeks ago.  And that we did! 
take a peek!
It was a great day for a run.  I loved that I felt I could have kept running.  I think most of my training long runs should be that way.  I don’t know my base training endurance heart rate numbers yet, but I think I am running close to it….  I say that because my heart rate is not too high, and my long runs are not that difficult for me.  Hopefully; I am on the right track and hopefully I will be able to get my HR zones before the new year when training will really kick in for me.  I am happy though, that I will be getting my bike retest on Tuesday ( bout time…  😉  ).  Hopefully , the 4th times a charm!!
I was able to get some Christmas shopping done today.  Not tons, but Matt and I will be doing the bulk of that on Monday afternoon.  We also have  4-year-old twin girl birthday party to attend tomorrow.  I had fun shopping for that….  little purses and stuff to put inside.  Should be a fun time.  That’s it for today.  🙂

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