This is going to be short…..why? I am going to bed! Exhausted!  Hot yoga was great!  So great that at the end when it was time to relax; I woke myself up twice with my snoring. Awesome. I am not sure anyone noticed.  I would rather snore than fart in yoga any day  😉  On that note….nighty night!


3 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzzzzzzz………….

  1. Is it the weather? I’ve been ZONKED lately & really am not sure why. Not pregnant that I’m aware of & I’ve been sleeping more so maybe it’s overtraining. Urgh. I do love my cardio but maybe I need to step back. Grrrrr.

    Nice job on the run today too girl. I actually enjoy running in the snow!!!

    • I think the weather just makes me tired! I have been stepping up the cardio ( work, work, work, work, WORK!!) so I know what my issue is – total over kill! Do you know what your resting heart rate is normally? If it’s higher than usual, that is a good indicator of overtraining….. just a thought. Go take a nap!
      I like running in the snow too, just not that pesky ice!

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