Spin x2 and a winner!

I had to pick a new winner for the iFitness Ultimate Running Belt giveaway- bummer, but stuff happens. * Please follow the rules! 🙂 * So without further a due: Comment #6 Heather, from WifeMomRunner ( I love that 😉 ). Congrats and get back to me by Saturday to claim your goods! 🙂

What did I do today?  I  have no idea.  I taught Spin at 5:30 am.  I think I was sleeping the entire class!  Nah, they are a high energy class- there was no way I was sleeping.  I even tried to hold back on getting my heart rate too high.  No such luck.  It averaged in the 150’s.  Oops.  I tried though.  After that I came home and felt icky.   I felt super tired and thirsty!  I could not get enough water today for some reason!  after getting Amara off to school and Miles fed I figured it was my chance to turn on a tv program for him to watch while I rested my eyes.  No such luck.  Instead I was given the play by-play of what was happening on Dora the Explorer.  Oh well.  I can sleep tonight – right?!?!?

I did a bunch of stuff between my spin classes ( about 14 hours separates the 2 – that’s crazy!)  I did make a new play list for tonight’s play list, it included some tunes from my youth  Remember this??  I got lots of smiles during this flat road!  It was a fun class.  All 90 minutes of it.  And now I am awake.  I have to plan my Friday’s 5:30 am class and my 12 noon Totally Toned class still.  It’s almost 10:30 pm, so I best hurry up and do that!

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin, circuit train, and hot yoga.


One thought on “Spin x2 and a winner!

  1. Oh my goodness…I am so excited I can hardly stand it. This is my first prize, and the very thing I have been wanting SO BADLY! 🙂 Anyway, I just e-mailed you my information. Thank you so much for doing this!

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