Spin, train, boots, hot yoga and pizza.

Busy day today.  Spin at 10. Personal training client at 12:30.  Hot yoga at 7:00.  And lots of stuff in-between.   Today’s spin was interval style.  It was one of those sneaky ones that start off kind of mellow and then all hell breaks loose towards the middle and end.  I plan on repeating this one in the early morning.  😉

After that, Miles and I raced home so I could make and pack up his lunch ( Heaven forbid I do this the night before so I don’t have to rush – duh).  I got him settled and raced off to my in – home client’s home.  Well, I was about 15 minutes early so I decided to head to a store real quick to browse around.  Well, I bought Amara some gifts for Christmas – a new back pack($4.50!!) and a Hello Kitty Thermos  ($5!!).  My quick trip made me about 5 minutes late to my clients house – oops!  I trained her and then we gabbed for about 45 minutes! 

Amara - No drama. Miles - doing what he does best!

Off to get Miles from my dad’s and then get the girl from school.  But first I had to talk to my brother on the phone ( he lives in Tennessee).  That took forever.  Doesn’t my dad know that my plan was to be extra early at Amara’s school so I could read while MIles got a 45 minute cat nap?!?!  I thought he was a mind reader.  Guess not.  Miles and I were only 15 minutes early and he did not take any kind of cat nap.  I did get to read a bit more of my book though, so I guess that’s good!

After getting Amara, we headed to Target to get her some new snow boots.  Long story short – she did not want the boots because that would mean that she would have to get rid of her old ones.  The ones that leak and make her feet wet – yep those boots.  She was so sad and full of drama.  We got the boots so we will see how that goes tomorrow.  🙂

After that fun, we came home and I tried to relax for a moment (ha!), but I had to make dinner before I left for hot yoga.  It had to be fast – pasta of pizza??  Matt choose pizza, so I made it. I used the leftover venison steak Matt made for dinner yesterday. It was a pretty tasty pizza.

Last weeks pizza before I baked it.


Hot yoga time!  It was a struggle for me today.  I think it had something to do with lifting weights yesterday??  I was really sore and after the first down dog I knew it was going to be a loooong 75 minutes tonight.  It was.  It was still fun and all of that, but I felt really challenged tonight.  That’s not always a bad thing.  We did lots of hip openers tonight.  Hips suck.

After yoga I scarfed down the pizza ( I always save it for after yoga or late spin…) and a few cookies.  😉  Spin is ready to go and I should go to bed now.  There are about 2 hours left to enter my giveaway.  OR enter this one! 🙂

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin at 5:30 am and Spin at 7:15 pm.

Do you make the same meals every week?  We usually hae homemade pizza and pasta and sauce every week.

Are you done Christmas shopping yet?  Us? Nope! 😉


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