Cha-cha-cha changes…….. Monday and back at it!


Too much caffeine???

 Snow day!   As much as my little girl enjoys these days ( well, last year she would cry if school was canceled – not so much anymore), I find it well a bit distracting!  As much as I love and adore her, I look forward to Monday thru Friday.  She is in school for 8 hours!  At first it was weird, strange and lonely, but a few weeks on a routine and I got used to her not being under foot all day.  When our routine is broken, things just seem out of whack for me.  To

day was a bit different  She was a bit high-strung on the way to the gym and even while there.  Could it have been her cup of Eggnoggn’ Tea she had at breakfast?? It contains green and black teas.   There was some caffeine in it; not tons, but I have no idea of the effects of a little caffeine on a kid.  In my head the good effects outweigh the bad- I am a doctor by the way.  😉  Anyway…..  she was on her best behavior ( for a 6-year-old), and today did not seem as off- kilter to me even though we were off schedule.

Today was Spin instruction at 10 AM.  We took the class though all of the energy zones – twice!  We first did endurance ( 65-75% of your MAX heart rate), next was intervals ( 65%–92%), strength ( 75%-85%) and finally we did a very short 4 minute Race Day energy zone ( 80%- 92%).  Whew!  I think they enjoyed this and the lesson I gave them during class- I am not a talker during my spin classes- only when I see it necessary. I was a Chatty Canty today!  The only energy zone we did not go over was the recovery energy zone ( 50%-65%).  I wish we would incorporate these in our spin classes, but most participants would NOT be happy!  They would feel they were not working hard…….

I taught Totally Toned at noon ( well, I told the ladies what to do!).  The girls did great – it was the last Monday class of the year!  🙂   I closed out my active day with hot yoga!  I normally would not have gone to this class, but it worked out!  It almost didn’t.  So glad and thankful that it did though.  Don’t forget to enter my giveaway! 😉

I have to get to bed soon since I am subbing the 5:30 AM spin class ( 90 minutes).  I am meeting my buddy to circuit train at 9:30 AM.  I also have to get cracking on something.  I see that a lot of bloggers have already submitted their entries……  😉 

Do you like Eggnog?   

So many nogs! I love a nice tall glass of this stuff!

Is it easy for you to get back on track when your schedule unexpectedly changes?


2 thoughts on “Cha-cha-cha changes…….. Monday and back at it!

  1. I do not care for eggnog much. I might have one small cup of it and like it then, but thats about all i can handle.

    I bet its rough to go from being used to no kiddo around most of the day to her being there and you having to keep her entertained and occupied.

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