Sunday = Day off!

Day off!  I can’t say that it was intentionally planned, but it was a day off indeed.  I probably needed it anyway.  🙂  I had big plans of running again today, but the nasty freezing rain and too gusty wind lead me to think otherwise.  I could have gone to spin class or even just done the

Flashback- Amara The Gymnast. Age 2.5

elliptical, but that would have meant I had to go out in the weather thank you!  The whole family went grocery shopping so that put me a bit behind schedule too… big deal though.  I bought and ate ( kind of shared) a cinnamon roll as big as my face.  It was good.  I heated it up first and ate it with a fork. 

The kids had a birthday party this afternoon at a gymnastics studio.  It was fun to watch.  Amara was the one with no fear today.  It took Miles a good 25 – 30 minutes to warm up to trying anything.  He spent the first half of the party in my arms clinging to me. ( He’s 30 plus pounds and strong!)  I finally set him down on the bouncy floor to let him explore on his own, and before we knew it he jumped in the foam pit —- giggling the whole way down!  Miss Amara was into everything..she especially loved the pummel horse.  She must have done that at least 10 times in a row before she took a break! She is even more excited because she will be returning to the same place in about 2 weeks for another birthday party!  It must be the place to be for kids her age!  I love the idea of an active birthday party rather than a Chuck E. Cheese type place.  We have never thrown a big party for either of our kids yet ( I know, they are soooo deprived), but I will look into doing something like this for them when the time comes.

I am gearing up for the week ahead.  My plan is the usual Monday/Wed/Friday 45 minute spin classes.  I hope to take the Tuesday night 90 minute endurance class.  I will teach my last Cardio Sculpt class of the year on Tuesday as well.  Thursday I will teach my 90 minute HIT spin class and I plan on circuit training Tuesday and Friday.  I also hope to get a short run in sometime this week – Monday?? And Saturday a longer run.  Sunday I really hope to do my bike test for metabolic training for the 4th time!  ;).  Oh, and hot yoga; maybe Wednesday and Friday this week.  Dang.  I have a lot to fit in!   How could I forget Christmas shopping??  Who am I kidding??  We always do that 1 week from Christmas!  We love to live stupidly dangerously! 😉

What is the best place to throw a kid party?

Are you done Chrstmas shopping?


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