The weekend is here! Time for a run ( on black ice..)

What a lazy Saturday. I attempted to run this morning. I say attempted because as I set out on my goal of 6 miles, I had to cut it short. Dang weather!! The park I ran at today was covered in black ice. That’s not very conducive for running. Nope. The weather was actually quite nice – it was in the 30’s. I ended up running in the grass for a long time, which can be um, gross. It’s full of goose poop. So it was either step in poop or step on ice. Poop all the way! I made it 4.3 miles. A very slow run as well. Oh well, ya can’t win them all! Of course, 2 hours later the weather was even warmer and all the black ice had melted. So far, my run for tomorrow is a no go – the weather calls for freezing rain and blowing snow. Awesome. I know I said I was not going to spin all weekend, but that was when I thought I could run! I might have to give in tomorrow and do a 2 hour endurance ride. 2 hours. Well, I have time to think about it still, that’s a long class. Besides a few errands ( big mistake going out in the crazy holiday traffic – bah humbug!) we are hanging low today. Nothing wrong with that.  🙂




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