No spin today(Yay!)

I did not spin today – can you believe it?!?!  Me either. It was a much-needed break.  I think I might not spin tomorrow or Sunday too.  ( We’ll see).  Amara had her TV debut this morning at 6:45 am ish.  Miles and I sat at home and watched.   She had her 4 seconds of fame! It was cute.  She had a great time with Matt. 

Amara, waiting for her breakfast with dad!

He even took her out to breakfast afterwards.  Lucky!  She held up pretty well today considering the lack of sleep.

Since I could not teach my early spin today,  Miles and I headed to the gym around 8:45 this morning.  I hopped on my beloved and neglected elliptical ( I love that thing) for 30 minutes of fun intervals.  I kept my heart rate on the high side too.  Might as well, right?!?!  I then went on the treadmill.  I am indifferent with this contraption.  Sometimes I don’t mind it, but mostly I hate it. I did a program on it today – I forgot which one, but it had hill climbs etc.  I was climbing at a 9% incline at times.  I turned it into a run/walk.  The walks were minimal, but incorporated.  I did 1.8 miles in 20 minutes. 

I did teach one class today at noon.  Totally Toned.  The 2 ladies that showed up, showed up with a purpose!  They kicked butt!  We did lots and lots of core today.  Lots of twists and engaging going on in the basement this afternoon.  After class I went home and did my own workout in my living room while watching The Biggest Loser.  I am still using the book This is Why You’re Fat for my circuits. I think I have 5 more to do before it’s time to move on to a different book of exercises.  Today was more chest and triceps and ab work.  I could really feel those muscles today while I shook my asana in hot yoga again.  Those salutations with down and up dogs and whatever the other names are – really hurt; especially after a weights workout!  It’s all good though.  It was a lot of fun – as usual.  I attempted to do the crow and then shoot out to a high plank.  I kind of did it!  I also attempted the wheel pose….kinda sorta. We did lots of hip stuff too – OUCH!  I know what I need to work on for sure.  Half pigeon and frog poses are kind of like the devil –  I assume ( I never met him well… not that I know of).  I am so glad I was able to make it to hot yoga 3 times this week! 

I totally did this...not this well, but there is NO judgement in yoga!

Amara and santa in 2006- she was 2.

I am not sure what to do tomorrow.  The weather might be bad and it might not.  Freezing rain would not be good for running outdoors.  So tomorrow I will get up around 6:45 ish and see what the weather is doing before I make a decision.  I will either run outside by myself or go to the gym and NOT spin!  I hope I get to run.  It’s been a while since I said that.  Besides my workout I have no plans for tomorrow.  Amara does.  She and my brother ( her Uncle D.) are going on a santa train ride.  I had to run it by her first to gauge her freak out ( not in a good way) mode.  She seems ok with it.  There might even be a princess on board for those that want nothing to do with Mr. Claus.


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