Spinning, shaking my asana and Mat Kearney, is that you???

Wednesday I am liking Wednesday’s lately! I only teach 1 class and I get to take 1 class. Not too shabby. Today I taught Spin at 10 AM. I am not sure why I capitalize it every so often, but I do. Anyway, spin was an interval type class with progressive hill climbs and a few bouts of speed work. It was a nice mix of strength and the fast stuff!
After that my day was as usual– fast paced and hectic ( I think I only see it that way). Lunch for Miles and I. A short nap for him because ” I’m not tired!” A little crying thing for him after I had to wake him up because, ” I’m not tired!” The furnace is finally 100% complete. Amara thinks our thermostat looks weird. I assured her that out old non-digital, dusty broken one was the weird one. A quick trip to buy some milk at the grocery store turned into spending $50. Milk is sure expensive these days! 😉 . Homework and dinner ( I, of course did not have time to eat it) completed by 5:45 PM. It was now time to ready to shake my asana at 7!
Hot yoga that is: Shake Your Asana………………………….at The Funky Buddha Hothouse.
Think heat with a beat. Our resident DJ will spin tunes while we work The Funky Buddha Power Vinyasa flow. No doubt about it, this is a personal invitation to let your hair down.What a fun class this was!  Great people, music and sweat!  The music really helped I think.  I have been enjoying this style of yoga immensely, but tonight was all about having fun.  Oh, do not get me wrong.  It was still hard as ever – but in a more better way ( as Miles would say  😉  ).  The music selection was great.  We heard some Kings of Leon, U2, Damien Rice, Madonna singing in a different languae??  And if my ears heard correctly – a Mat Kearney song that I never heard before.  I find this almost impossible since he and I are almost BFF’s.  True story.

Exhibit - B

Exhibit – A

I would post more pictures, but I don’t want it to seem as if I am bragging. Because nobody likes a bragger.  🙂


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