Busy day, part 2!

Part to of my day ( yesterday) was sort of busy.  I say sort of because only 1 person showed up for my 4:15 pm class…..  this is not unusual this time of year( busy company), but the participant and I ended up talking instead of exercising!  Ooops..her choice!  She went home and worked out.  I emailed her to make sure!  😉

After that it was on to Spin class.  It was a full class- the night-time crowd is a bit different then the daytime folks!  It was a class FULL of energy.  We did HIT ( High Intensity Training) It was very challenging.   There was lots of whooping and hollering from the spinners-  it’s hard to not get motivated from that!

I actually stayed for the 7:15 pm endurance class.  I snuck out after an hour though.  Whew. What a day! 🙂  When I got home it was almost 9 pm, I realized I had only seen Amara for about 1 hour in the morning! 😦  I even went into her room to retuck her in ( wild sleeper), and thought she would wake up – nope!  She falls asleep hard nowadays.  First grade knocks her out!  I missed hearing about her day at school, but luckily – she filled me in at breakfast! 


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