Busy day, part 1!

What weight training can do for you!

The first part of my physical activity is done for the day…… 1 down, 3 to go! My friend and I try to meet every Tuesday to get a quick weight circuit in.  We know how important is to weight train, but both find it difficult to fit in with our work schedules ( we both teach group exercise).  We made a committment to meet at the gym Tuesday and Friday to get it in! 

Today’s weight workout consisted of 2 different kinds of chest press exercises, 2 triceps, sissy squats, front lunges and 2 ab exercises.  Short and sweet.  We did 3 sets of 15 reps again.   I like have a gym buddy to hold myself accountable too.  Otherwise, I might have made the excuse that I am doing enough today or that its way too cold out to even think about leaving my house ( it is though….Brrrr).

Big thanks to Beth over at Shut UP and Run!  She posted a link on her blog about my giveaway!  🙂  If you have not already, check her out..she is hilarious and insightful; all at the same time. 

The rest of my day will consist of:

Planning my Cardio Sculpt class and the 6:10 pm spin class while Miles naps.

Start prepping dinner that Matt will essentially finish and server

Go and drop MIles off at Matt’s work so he can pick Amara up from school.

Go and teach Cardio Sculpt at 4:15

Go to the gym and teach Spin at 6:10

Stay at the gym and participate in the 90 minute spin.

I forgot to plan my foods….which will consist of lots of water, protein/energy bars and anything I can get my hands on! 

Do you have a gym buddy?  Have they helped or hurt your workout goals?


One thought on “Busy day, part 1!

  1. Beth is hilarious (and that is how I found your blog!)
    Busy busy day for ya 🙂
    No gym buddy that I workout with-I have running, swimming, biking buddies but no workout partner.
    I do circuits mostly with lots of plyo and cardio bursts and I am NON STOP so I really don’t have any time to share with a w.o. buddy when I am in the gym for this. I prefer to do it alone so I can get in my zone~

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