Mommy guilt? Nah… least I don’t think so.

The new furnace is being installed today.  It has been since 9:30 am.  It is now 4:35 pm and my hands are freezing!  I stayed away from home for most of the day on purpose, and I was hoping to come home to a toasty warm home.  No such luck!  I have to be patient as well as thankful that it’s actually getting fixed. Today I taught my spin class at 10 am.  I was supossed to take it easy because I am was going to get my metabolic bike retest tomorrow morning.  In order for the test to be accurate, I need to rest for 24 hours.  I tried!  Class was a hills mixed with downhills.  I think they liked it. 😉  I also was scheduled to sub a spin class tonight, but I gave it up because I had my retest for tomorrow.  Well, unfortunately my tester got stuck in the U.P  The U.P. is the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.  There was a lot of snow over the weekend so we have to reschedule.  Bummer dude.   Oh well! 

On tap for tomorrow:

90 minute spin class instruction

Lift weights @ 9am

Cardio Sculpt instruction @ 4:15 pm

spin class sub at 6:10

90 minute spin class participant

Ok, this is not written in stone.  None of this is really- well cardio sculpt is.  I have some decisions to make in the next 15 minutes to figure out what to do. The subbing basically equals getting paid for 3 classes and I like that ( read: new furnace to pay for).  I don’t have to and won’t go all out in any of the classes so that is not much of an issue for me.  The early class is easy, the kids and Matt are sleeping while I teach.  The other classes – the 6:10 spin and 7:15 pm classes will interfere with home – life.  I would need Matt to be home in time to be with the kids.  This is the balance and juggling of being a mom and wife and incorporating fitness in the mix!  It can be a mess and a struggle at times, but I try to make it work.  The feelings ( guilt anyone?) can really fill me with anxiety over choosing the gym or activities over my family.  It’s all in how ya look at it I think.  I am slowly getting over this though.  Miles likes it when I leave and his uncle or my dad comes over to play with him.  The other day he asked me who was coming over to play with him and I told him nobody – just me!  He then says, ” don’t you have a yoga class or something to go to??”  Gee, thanks buddy, I love you too!  I was cracking up though.  So even though it was pretty comedic, moments like that let me know that I have indeed found ( well, am still finding) the right  balance that works well for my family.  I also know that tomorrow’s crazy work schedule is not the norm and should be looked at it just as it is – abnormal! 

Since this post took longer than 15 minutes….  I won’t be teaching the early class afterall.  The extra money would have bee nice. I will teach the 6:10 pm and stay for part of ( maybe the whole thing) the 90 minute class at 7:15 pm.    Off to carb load!  😉 , and off to enjoy the new furnace – it works and the heat is on 72 degrees!  Ahhhhhh!  Love it. 

Does your active lifestyle ever make you feel guilty?



3 thoughts on “Mommy guilt? Nah… least I don’t think so.

  1. I’m sure it will more so after baby B arrives and I fully switch my workout time to after Peter gets home from work. I know there will be days I feel guilty for leaving him with the kiddos for an hour or two while I’m away heading to the gym and working out. But I know I will have to remind myself how much better I am as a person when I get that time to myself.

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