I ran today!  I  hope know this is the start of a new trend for me.  My goal was to run for 1 hour.  I made no distance goal today – sometimes that

I have the pretty one in the center! Mostly helpful, sometimes annoying!

backfires and I get all worried about that, and time, and pace etc.  I started my Garmin’s stopwatch and never looked at it until the end!  My friends Mary and Andi and I had fun today.  I miss running with a group – it’s been a while!  I missed the camaraderie and jokes and gossip too!  We ran 6.4 miles in 1:05 ish minutes. HERE are my official Garmin stats.  My breathing was 100% fine!  The


temperature was in the upper 20’s and my outfit choice was perfect – fleece running pants/tights, short sleeve base layer, long sleeve technical and long sleeve Dri-Fit Tech top.  I had on my warmest gloves + hand warmers ( I got problems!) and my earband.  After I see this written down, it seems like a bit much, but I would rather be too hot while running in the winter temps. then too cold! 

During my run I was able to test out my next giveaway.  I forgot I was wearing it.  It was very comfortable and that is what this company claims.  They passed the test!  Stay tuned……..

On tap for tomorrow:

Hot Yoga at 10:30, maybe some form of cardio if time permits.

 Have you ever taken time off from something you love to do?  Was it difficult to start up again?

Do you run/cycle/swim with a GPS or any other gadget?  Do you find it helpful or sometimes not – so – much?


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