90 minute Spin class

It was difficult to get here last night and post up, so I skipped it!  I am not suer how 4 AM is easier than 11 PM, but it is.

Thursday is my “easy” day.  Until nightfall, then all Hell breaks loose!  (One of my pet – peeves is when someone uses loose and lose wrong!  Forget all of my spelling and grammatical errors.  At least I do that correctly!  😉 ).  I teach the 90 minute extreme spinning class at 7:15 PM.  Let’s just say I was planning the class, burning a new CD and getting dressed all the way down to the wire!  I ma not sure how time got away from me!  I also had to stop by the gas station to get my friend some food.  She just happened to give her snack away to a homeless man earlier in the day. I was still to work on time, but as I have said before; I really like the extra cushion of time to set up etc.  Oh well.  Class was pretty good.  Now that it is week 4 (of 6) I stepped it up a bit.  Today’s class was longer intervals with less recovery/rest time.  Most of the intervals were 12 minutes long with a 2 minute recovery with the last recovery being 3 minutes before the last interval set of  16 minutes.  I also used the last set to get them into Zone 4 which is the anaerobic phase or without oxygen!  They only spent upwards of 50 seconds there at a time, but it can be difficult.  It definitely stresses the body.  It’s saved for speed work and interval training.  It improves sport performance but must be used for good and not evil carefully with full rest periods between workouts to avoid over training.  I take care in planning my classes and I try to explain the purpose and intention of my classes to the participants.  SOme care and some don’t, but i want to get across that spinning is not all about going out and going hard all the time.  There are moments of super high heart rates, but not too often!  This was probably the hardest this class had been pushed in a while and it showed.  Oh, and they told me at the end too.  🙂

I was able to put a dent in the CHristmas decorations I put up in the living room.  I might finish the rest today. 

On tap for today:  Spin class (  in 1 hour!), lifting weights and Totally Toned instruction.

Do you think TV has an influence on how people perceive Spin class or any other form of exercise in a negative way?

Are your Christmas decorations up yet?


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