Very glad that my exercise is done for the day.  Whew.  Today’s spin was a repeat of Monday’s Power Strength Intervals.  I had a big class for a Friday morning (18).  This is what happens though when the weather turns on us!  It’s too cold to bike outside so inside they come!  FIne with me.  bigger classes motivate me.  After class I was to meet my lifting buddy, but she somehow thought we were meeting at 9:30 and not 6:15!  her bad.  I did most of my workout in my living room.  I skipped the abs and will probably do them in class (Totally Toned) at noon. Chest Press w/ Rotation

Chest Flyes

UFC’s ( quads.  squat to kneeling position)

Front Kicks

Skull crusher

Narrow press ( triceps)



So far so good with strength training twice a week!  This is week 2 of being consistent and it feels great!  Here is a great blog article from (Charlotte) The Great Fitness Experiment  about her results and experience with more weights and less cardio!  Someday I might be able to do this.  Well, if I decide to stop training for endurance sports!  Maybe someday……

Remember my pity party about not doing the Bayshore Marathon?  Well, it’s closed already!  It took about 36 hours or something crazy like that.  First, Boston has a record fill – up time and now this?!?!  What next?!?!  So my other options for this destination race.  It;s not that far from my house, but Traverse City is pretty much another world!  What was I saying again?  Oh, I can do the full marathon ( meh) or the 10k again.  I really just want to go!  The 10k is usually not sold out, but who knows with how things have been going lately.  I  better act fast!

Matt and I have a date tonight.  A welcome rarity!  We are going to see the movie Due Date while the kids spend some time with my dad. 

Did you meet your short term goals for this week?

Any plans for this weekend?


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