When Squirrels ATTACK!

When squirrels attack!

Yesterday Miles and I were apprehended by a cute little squirrel. He followed us from the car, onto the porch….he then tried to get in the house ( I am sure that was his plan) through a rip in our screen! HE would NOT leave even though I kept shooing him and I even asked politely. No go. I finally closed the door and started to make lunch. Within seconds Drake ( our 7-year-old lab) started staring at the front door.

Leave us alone!

He was spread eagle squirrel (I am sure it was a male) trying to find anyway it could to get in.  Maybe he was looking for nuts?  Matt and I are sure he has been getting fed by the neighbors that’s the only explanation – right!??!   Today, it seemed as if he was waiting for Miles and I to return home.  He walked us up to the door again.  I was a little more bold and loud this time though.  I was able to leave us alone a lot sooner.

He looks like he is up to no good to me!

He is cute ( for a squirrel), but I don’t trust him.


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