Snow. Cold. Yoga. Hot.

 It snowed today.  For real this time.  I think it’s here to stay.  Booo!   😦   The kids are excited about it so that makes me a little more accepting of it – I guess.  Miles said, ” It’s winter time, because there is snow!” and he said. ” Is it Christmas today?  I think it is, because it’s snowing. ”  He was pretty sure today was Christmas.  Sorry kid – not yet.He and I left about 12 minutes later than usual.  During bad weather I like to leave at least 5 minutes earlier, I am not sure what happened.  I was not late, but I still just like to show up to teach earlier than I did today.  And for some reason the first snowfall of the year makes people drive like idiots!  No matter how little, or how much snow falls – people forget that they live in Michigan!   It gets me all frazzled.   Today was spin class at 10 am.  I taught a power strength interval type class.  It was inspired by the class I participated in on Saturday.  I modified it and put my own spin style on it.  No barfing today, but the class definitely pushed out of their comfort zones and warmed up despite the snow.  That was all I did today.  I was preparing for the hot yoga later on.  I tried to guzzle water while at home, but I love water with ice in it and if you remember, my furnace took a big poop on Friday. Our house is so cold and the cold water was too hard to drink. I had glasses of tea and plain luke warm water today.  Whatever it takes to hydrate right?  Yoga was at 7 pm.  This 90 minute class was a bit different this time around.  The first time I went it was free and 51 people showed up!  Well, today was opening day and the class housed 12 Funky Hot Yogis.  The heat was up (ahhhhh heat), to a stifling ( in a good way) 95 degrees.  It felt divine after being out in the cold.   I really enjoyed tonight’s class.  For one thing, I had room!  I also felt more in tune with why I was there if that makes any sense…I don’t pretend to be a

I so did this pose today. Ok, maybe not.

yoga expert ( well, I used to teach it. But that does NOT make me an expert – far from it), but I was more focused on the moves and especially the breathing. Maybe it was my FOCUS WARRIOR TRAINING BRACELET?  Pretty annoying slick on how I threw that in there huh?  Whatever the reason, I was totally feeling it today.  Ommmm.  Or whatever it is that they say!  🙂

What is your go to winter activity?



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