It’s soo cold!!  I don’t like it.  I am not used to it yet, but with tomorrow being the first day of December ( can you believe it?!?!) I better get used to it!   After a rushed morning of making breakfasts, making a lunch, getting the kids ready and out the door I am officially exhausted.  And the day is young…I have one more thing to do ( teach cardio sculpt).  I still made it to the gym after the morning chaos and did a nice 15×3 circuit again.  I finished that in less than 30 minutes.   On to the elliptical machine!  I did my HR specific workout.  It was fun and it keeps me focused ( or maybe that was my bracelets doing!?!?)  😉  At any rate – I did 60 minutes on the machine and called it a day.  I think I might put out a cardio/weight circuit for tonight’s class.  I usually do that half way into the 8 week session for variety.


I am also exhausted because Miles is almost potty trained ( that sounds like I am talking about my dog, not my son).  Matt and I ( usually just me – just sayin’) get up 2 times a night to sit Miles on the potty before it’s too  late.  Sometimes it’s too late.  So we I have to change the sheets and the clothes at 4 AM and then get back to bed for another 2 hours hopefully. It’s a slow process, but he will eventually get it – right?!?!

What is your favorite piece of cardio gym equipment?

Do you have any tips on potty training during the night?


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    • Ahh yes, the stepmill– I have a love/hate thing going on with that! It hurts so good! I love intervals of any sort for blasting fat– regular ones as well as HIIT! And…. get in the spin room and do your endurance ride– ( or on the step mill at a non-killer pace) and attack the fat that way. And of course, weights! 🙂

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