Day at the Races and Sweet Like Bear Meat!

Don’t everyone comment at once on the giveaway! 😉   It’s too easy not to enter and the prize is awesome! But anyways…..   Today was spinning at 10.  Race Day for all.  It was a good one, kind of fun too.  It was an actual route somewhere in West Virginia.  I think the class liked knowing that it was a real road race.  It consisted of a lot of flat road with moderate resistance and 14 minutes of hills…. 8 of them at once.  I was pushing it today!  I looked down at one point and my heart rate was up to 170.  I averaged about 160 for 40 minutes of the class.  I put on a race day spin ( heart rates 80-92% of your personal max. heart rate) the last Monday of each month.  A lot of people like that they are preparing for a race once a month. Some people only come to my race day class.  And then there are those people that purposefully  skip my race day sessions! Slackers Oh well, to each his own.

I never reviewed my bear steak – – –  2 thumbs up!  It was really good.  Really.  I don’t really care for steaks normally, but these were tasty.  The next day I cut thin slices of steak and put it on some bread slathered in hummus and havarti cheese- it was restaurant quality.  🙂

On tap for tomorrow:  90 minute spin in the early morning ( if I get up), lifting weights mid morning and then teaching cardio sculpt at 4:15. 

What is the most unusual thing you have ever eaten and enjoyed?

Have you ever participated in a race day spin?  How was it?


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