Baby, it’s cold outside and Memeory Lane…….

Since I never came back to post again, it’s safe to guess that I did not go back to the gym for some TV/reading time.  It was just too cold!!  I did not want to bother with the car seat and the cold wind!  I can never get acclimated to the weather change fast enough.  I am freezing as I type  this ( that might be because our furnace somewhat blew up yesterday-awesome).  We already have a windchill of 22 at the moment and I am dreading going outside to warm up the truck.  But I do love me a warm vehicle!  As much as I loathe the cold weather ( when it first hits), I do love to run in it!  I really only began running in the cold weather in 2005.  I used to look at those crazy runners and wonder why they didn’t just go inside and run on a treadmill or something?!?!  I mentally prepared to run in the cold after I joined the local running club in January.  I looked on-line to find out how to dress-wicking clothes, layer, windbreaker and a hat- ( who knew?!?!).  That first day of running- it was cold.  It had snowed the night prior and snowed while I ran. It was a shock to my system, but that is actually one of my favorite running memories to date!  It was probably my slowest 4.5 miles I ever ran as well! 

My friend and I after our first 25k race. We trained all winter long (outside!)

I ran it with an old college BFF of mine, and I remember the running “coach” thinking that we would for sure NOT be back next week ( he told us this later).  We proved him wrong (sucka)!  We even showed up ready to run during a white-out (lose daylight visibility in heavy fog,

snow, or rain) because we did not want to miss out on anything or appear like babies! 

I guess I better suck it up.  I live in Michigan where the weather is wacky and un predictable.  It was in the high 50’s and low 60’s this month (it’s November if you did not know) and today it’s in the 20’s.  So dumb but so normal for this lovely state!  Time to go and dig out my ski gloves and scarf and make new memories.

Do you enjoy exercising in the cold?  How do you dress?

What’s your favorite “fitness” memory?


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