Run, eat and sleep!

I woke up to a dreary, rainy and cold day.  The perfect weather for a run!   My first goal was to run a 5k since a lot of my friends were running one this morning.  I felt really good after the the first 2 miles so I decided to shoot for 5 miles.   I almost made it!  I ran 4.63 miles total.  Good enough for now!  When I was in good running condition, there would be no way I would stop before 5 miles.  Nope.  I am sure (hope so) I will be back to that place sooner than later.  I ran on an empty stomach ( well, I ate 2 pineapple squares, 2 blackberries and a piece of apple).  Not my usual pre run meal.  I felt pretty good considering.   I think I was even over dressed- I was expecting it to be way colder, but I am not complaining.  A little extra sweat never hurt anybody!   After the run I ate a better breakfast to refuel. Thanksgiving was mostly a great day.  I have a lot to be thankful for everyday though!

Dinner was great and I am stuffed.  Time to hit the hay for Black Friday, Spin at 5:30 AM! Time to burn some serious calories!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Were you active this Thanksgiving?

Do you participate in Black Friday?


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