Last class of the week!

I taught Totally Toned at noon today and I participated in the whole thing! This is not a normal occurance -I will be honest.  I am pretty much pooped by Friday afternoon to move, let alone teach another class. I sometimes think I can “coach” more effectively if I am not participating during the entire class.  I can walk around and check form  easier.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it!

The Basement!

Today in class we hit everything:

Bi’s and triceps

squats/wall sits/pelvic lifts/back extensions (used stability ball for all of these)

The ball cage

lots of ab work today ( which I hate don’t like I need to do more)

Straight core work – planks, hip circles and leg lifts.

I think that’s it.  The plan for this weekend is to run 7 miles on Saturday and on Sunday I have my Human Performance Lab “redo”.  IF it all goes as planned I should have time for either a little cardio and the Sun Salutation yoga class.


2 thoughts on “Last class of the week!

    • Thanks Tina! I am still learning how to navigate this WordPress! It might take a minute or 2, but I will get the hang of it! It was getting difficult to try and keep up with my separate lives! 😉 Thanks for following!

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